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Waxing Your Auto Is Important

Car is clean, great, but you need to ensure the next step is happening as it's arguably the most important step in ensuring your auto's paint remains in good condition. What is that next step? It's waxing! Waxing is to protect the auto's paint as well as increase the auto's Shyne... Why is waxing important? Wax provides a very thin layer of protection on your auto's paint. Paint is measured in layers called mils or microns... these are layers that are thinner than a sheet of paper. From the base coat to the topcoat of your auto's paint is 4 to 7 mils thick. So to add this very thin layer of protection is very necessary especially to protect against the number one enemy of auto's paint, the sun. Just like your skin requires moisturizer and sunblock, the same is necessary for your auto's paint. Unprotected paint is destroyed by the harmful rays of the sun and when these harmful rays react with the moisture in the air that will find it's way on to your auto in different temperatures. Having covered parking, more specifically inside of a garage or parking structure lessens the frequency in which you will need to have your auto waxed. Waxing also protects the paint's top layer from things like industrial fallout, brake dust, road grime, bug splatter and droppings, and most importantly water spots and bird poop (both which damage paint's auto the longer they remain on the paint and the amount of protection on the paint layers.) How often should you get your auto waxed? We recommend having your auto waxed 4-6 times per year minimum, based on your driving and storing behavior. If you barely drive and have it parked/stored in covered parking like a garage or an enclosed parking structure you may only need to wax it 4 times (garage still have much dirt and dust that will fall and sit on the auto increasing damage to paint). If you have covered parking but you're on the road often in the elements and/or park outside most of the day then you will need to get it washed at minimum 6 times. If you don't have covered parking then having a monthly wax would be a great idea if you want to keep your auto's paint in the best condition as possible. (Our Regular Shyne Member Plan offers a weekly wash and a once-monthly wax for $125.) So as washing is the easiest way to keep your car clean, keeping your car waxed is the easiest way to keep your auto's paint protected.

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