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Choose Your Shyne Plan

  • Condo Locations Only

    Shyne Plan Onsite

    Every 4 weeks
    For Our Condo Locations Only*
    • 4 Car Washes per Month Only. 1x per week. Per car.
    • Priority Wash Service.
    • Interior Vacuum and Wipe Down.
    • Weekly Nano Spray Wax.
    • Wheels Cleaned and Tires Shined.
    • Special Promotions and Discounts.
    • Cancel Anytime No Contracts.
    • No Substitutions.
    • Price Based per Car. Price Based On Weekly Service Only.

You agree to be charged at the time of subscription based on the plan you have selected. Your subscription will be renewed automatically and billed to your credit card/Paypal account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel.

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