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How ceramic can make you Shyne!

Check out our Ceramic Services. 

Shyne Ceramic Wax

Our Shyne Ceramic Wax is a notch above our regular Shyne Wax or any caranauba wax. With extreme and lasting durability our Shyne Ceramic Wax is the best option for good, easy, and cost-effective protection with a great shyne. 

Great if you want a step better than regular wax and not as in-depth as a ceramic coating application. 

Shyne Ceramic Wax should be applied every 3-4 months, to keep a great layer of protection on your auto's paint. 

Shyne Exterior Ceramic Coating

Shyne Ceramic Coating is currently the best system for ensuring your auto's paint is protected and protected well. Protection can last for up to 6 years if kept well with regular washes (at least once every two weeks) an

The Shyne Ceramic Coating offers great protection along with an amazing shyne. To get the best results, we suggest coupling the Shyne Ceramic Coating with our Exterior Detail or Base Full Detail. This will allow for some paint correction and polishing of the paint, leaving a clean and flat surface to provide the best protection and gloss. 

Shyne Ceramic Coating should be reapplied pending inspection. It can last up to 6 years with the proper maintenance. 

Shyne Ceramic Interior Coating

Shyne Ceramic Interior Coating protects your interior leather, plastic, and vinyl, making it more difficult to scratch up through regular use and wear.  Coated surfaces are easy to clean and hard to stain. 

Shyne Ceramic Interior Coating should be applied to new or recently cleaned and detailed interiors. We suggest our Shyne Interior Detail or Base Full Detail before application. ​

Shyne Ceramic Interior Coating should be reapplied pending inspection, it can last up to 3 years. 

Shyne Ceramic Window Tint

Shyne Ceramic Window Tint is the best way to tint your windows and keep your auto cool while minimizing sun rays and UV light into your auto while adding personal privacy. 

Shyne Ceramic Tint blocks more UV rays and lasts longer while keeping your windows clean and streak-free after washes.  

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