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Have questions about Booking or times visit our FAQ page or use the chatbox below...
All prices may be subjected to additional pricing for excessively dirty autos (interior and/or exterior), excessive pet hair, or oversized.*

Best Value

Shyne Plan Onsite



Every 4 weeks

For Our Condo Locations Only*

Valid until canceled

4 Car Washes per Month Only. 1x per week. Per car.

Priority Wash Service.

Interior Vacuum and Wipe Down.

Weekly Nano Spray Wax.

Wheels Cleaned and Tires Shined.

Special Promotions and Discounts.

Cancel Anytime No Contracts.

No Substitutions.

Price Based per Car. Price Based On Weekly Service Only.

Pick A Service

  • Full interior and exterior auto wash. Choose your auto size before pay...

    From 35 US dollars
  • Waxing your auto is an easy way to add protection and shyne.

    From 100 US dollars
  • Clean and Conditioning of Leather Seats. Includes Shyne Wash.

    From 85 US dollars
  • Shampoo and extraction. Includes Shyne Wash.

    From 85 US dollars
  • Motorcycle wash. Choose your motorcycle style before paying.

    From 40 US dollars
  • Waxing your bike is an easy way to add protection and shyne.

    From 100 US dollars
  • Complete removal of pet hair.

    25 US dollars
  • If you know your car needs extra attention, due to the length between ...

    30 US dollars
  • Degrease and decontaminate rims, brake calipers, tires, and wheel well...

    50 US dollars
  • Like a facial for your auto. Remove dead top "damaged" layer, enhanci...

    From 250 US dollars
  • Clean, sanitize, and keep your interior in good shape.

    From 275 US dollars
  • Get the best of both worlds, clean interior, and shining exterior.

    From 375 US dollars
  • Get your motorcycle clean and shining.

    From 150 US dollars
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