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3 Hours

this service will add the shine back to your auto but will not correct marring, scratching, or swirling that's already present.

price starting at:

  • $200 - small autos

  • $250 - medium autos

  • $300 - large autos

service includes:

  • standard Shyne Wash

  • clay bar

  • 1-Step: Polish 

  • carnauba wax



6 Hours

this service will remove about 75-85% of the marring, scratches, and swirling, giving you auto a great shine and optical clarity and depth.

pricing starts at:
$500 for small autos

$575 for medium autos

$650 for large autos

services include:
standard Shyne Wash

clay bar

2-Step: Compound and Polish

Sealant Coat or Ceramic coat (extra charge for ceramic)



1 - 3 Days 

this service will pretty much bring your car back to before you purchased it. It will remove about 95-98% of the paint defects as well making sure your wheels receive the treatment it deserves both inside and outside. 

pricing is based on a quote only

services include:

  • standard Shyne Wash

  • clay bar

  • multi-step correction: compound and polish to perfection panel by panel

  • after the first correction, a recheck and spot Polish of any defects

  • a sealant or Ceramic coating (extra charge for ceramic)

Exterior Detailing

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