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We want to Shyne too.

shyne is about making it easy for you to keep your auto clean while you do what's important to you. we do this in an affordable and easy way.

you should be able to keep your car clean without wasting time. 

we want to help educate our clients on the benefits of keeping their auto clean. most people don't get their auto washed until it is very dirty, and usually, last minute and they have somewhere to go. this doesn't have to be the case, you can have a clean car ready to go whenever you want. 

less than 30%

less than 3 out of 10 people wash their car multiple times per month. If you want to protect your investment, the easiest way.

your future clean car 

thanks to Shyne you no longer have to waste time or resources to keep your auto clean. you no longer have to rush to get your car clean for your engagement. we come to you and make sure that your car is Shyned. 

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