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Shyne Ceramic Coating

One of the most durable coatings that delivers great protection and a high-gloss finish.

  • From 325 US dollars
  • The Cove|Westerly|The Esprit/Neptune|Two Eleven Spalding |West Ocean Towers

Service Description

Ceramic Coating is an additional coating that can be added to any service, from our regular Shyne Wash to our Exterior Detailing (compounding, polishing, or waxing.) Ceramic is one of the most durable coatings to protect your auto's paint. It is better than wax and lasts longer with regular driving and storage. Ceramic also gives your auto a better, deeper gloss, leaving your auto shining brilliantly. Ceramic is likened to a brick house in the forest whereas wax is likened to a tent in the forest. We suggest an Exterior Detail to get the auto's paint close to perfect before applying. However, ceramic coating can be applied to any vehicle to provide better clarity, depth, and paint protection. (Exterior Detailing or any other services are additional charges and will take more time pending the service and the condition of the auto.) PRICING STARTING AT (prices may vary due to the condition of the auto.) $325 - medium autos $450 - large autos $500 - oversized autos Expect service to take from 1-2 Hours to apply. BENEFITS OF CERAMIC: • Durable layer of protection that can last up to 6 years. • Only needs to be applied once not every 3 months. (Unlike other forms of protection.) • Creates a deep level of gloss that exceeds that of other protectants such as wax or sealants. • The hydrophobic properties keep your car cleaner and make it easier to wash. • Can be installed on many surfaces such as paint, windows, vinyl wrap, paint protection film, wheels, and more... Proper paint prep is suggested, paint correction removes many of the paint's blemishes and flattens the paint allowing for the best application and allows for the best gloss. Ceramic can be applied without proper paint prep but the benefits wane. COMMON MYTHS: True that coatings are durable and long-lasting but you can't do what you want to the paint and maintain a beautiful auto. • The coating does not make the paint scratch-proof. • The coating will not protect the paint from rock chips. • You don't have to wash your auto as frequently. Proper wash techniques and frequency are necessary to maintain the coating and your auto's paint. You can add extra protection such as wax to the ceramic coating during maintenance to boost and prolong the coating. Ceramic coating is not a fix nor a panacea for failing paint or damaged paint. The only way to fix damaged paint is to have it repainted properly.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations, please contact us at least 2 hours prior to avoid being charged for the service.

Contact Details

  • Marina del Rey, CA, USA

  • The Westerly on Lincoln, Marina Pointe Drive, Marina del Rey, CA, USA

  • Marina del Rey, CA, USA

  • 211 South Spalding Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

  • Long Beach, CA, USA

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