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Winter Is Coming! How Should You Treat Your Auto?

With winter around the corner, you should be more aware of your car's condition. As the weather worsens, it gives more opportunity for paint damage. Water spots from the rain, etching, and staining from wet tree leaves and debris that have fallen, paint damage, and staining from the dirt, mud, and debris that comes from the wet road.

Some people think, "I can wait for a car wash between rainy days or even worse, the rain will wash my car for me," and the effects of the rain and weather sit on the car longer than necessary, causing damage.

During this season, you should first get your car waxed. Although the wax is not an impenetrable barrier, wax does add protection to your auto. Wax creates a layer that stains must first eat through before reaching the clear coat and then the paint layer. Washing also doesn't allow for dirt and debris to stick to the vehicle. The wax helps the water bead off the car, which helps remove some of the dirt and debris that would otherwise stick.

Secondly, you should keep your car washed as often as possible. Even if it is forecasted to rain tomorrow, get your car washed. It is far better for the rain to fall on a clean car than a dirty car. When the car is dirty and it rains, the dirt stops the water from beading off, creating more opportunities for water spots. Keeping your car washed does not allow dirt to compound and leave dirty water spots.

Thirdly, you should get your car washed the next time you're able. So you can remove any dirt, debris, and water that settled and dried which will create water spots and stains.

Lastly, keep your car parked as much as you can undercover: parking garage, personal garage, carport, or car cover, never under trees.

Remember, during the winter months is when most of the damage to your car happens. Shyne.

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