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What is waxing? What is versus what people believe?

Waxing your auto, in a nutshell, is adding a protective layer that slightly enhances the Shyne (shine).

Waxing is similar to putting sunscreen on your skin. Waxing doesn't clean nor exfoliate or anything other than protection from the sun.

Waxing does not remove blemishes, scratches, scuffs, etc., from your auto's paint. Waxing is an addition to a properly cleaned and corrected paint service to maintain your auto's paint.

Often we are asked to wax a car when the owner notices blemishes or defects in the paint. The belief that wax would remove any imperfection is untrue. Wax only adds paint protection from the sun and creates a thin barrier between other contaminants and the car's paint system.

Waxing should be a mandatory minimum of keeping your auto clean. Paint defects and blemishes from not keeping your paint clean or from bumping against something require polishing or compounding (paint correction).

Anyhow, keep your car waxed, once per quarter minimum, washed weekly!

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