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Water Spots Damages Your Paint

What Are Water Spots?

Water spots are a hideous blemish on your auto's paint. And also one of the hardest blemishes on your paint to remove.

Water spots happen in many different ways and yet all equally damaging to the auto's paint. Here are a few ways water spots happen: rain, sprinklers, or water from other sources and allowing that water to dry by the sun.

The worse water spots we witness and the hardest to remove are those that come from sprinkler systems. Sprinkler water is often "hard" and rarely removed from the auto's paint. Also, the water sits on the area repetitively.

How Do Water Spots Happen?

The absolute culprit to water spots is allowing the water to dry by direct sunlight. If you do not wipe off water and allow the water to dry by the sun, it can act like a skillet and boil the water dry, causing water spots or etching.

Damage of Water Spots

Water spots are usually ugly white spots on the paint. Etching is when those same water spots eat into the paint and create etches (outlines) which are hard to remove. Etching is worse and causes the most damage to the paint. Etching also requires more work and time.

Services used to remove water spots depend on the amount of damage done. Usually, the length of time the water spot remains on the paint causes more damage. Other factors that cause damage also depend on the hardness of the water, the temperature, and the sun's direct shining on the auto.

When removing water spots, the least aggressive method should be used first. The least aggressive method of removal is usually a safe chemical process which in hopes breaks down the mineral deposit in the water spot. If that doesn't work we move up the scale to auto clay barring the paint, to ultimately machine polishing. The most aggressive methods are compounding, wet sanding, or repainting the area.

In summary, remove the water from your auto immediately. You risk ruining the paint if you don't and will have to pay large sums of money and time to restore.

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