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Watch out for bird poop?

One thing that we are sure ruins the Shyne on your auto's paint is bird poop. Bird poop is one of the most dangerous contaminants to your auto's paint. Bird poop contains uric acid. Uric acid is highly (like its name suggests) acidic. With a pH balance of 3-4.5 it is very acidic (7 being neutral and above alkaline), this acid when it lands on your auto's paint, it starts to corrode your paint, leaving behind a stain or "etching" of the dropping in your auto's paint. Once etching occurs even if the bird poop is removed, the stain will remain until removed with more aggressive means.

How can you prevent bird poop from damaging your auto?

Firstly, make sure you don't park your auto under any trees, light poles, or areas where you notice many birds congregating. Secondly, if bird poop does land on your auto, remove it immediately (ask us about our Shyne Quick Wipe Kits, $9.99). Thirdly, keep your auto washed. Don't allow bird poop of any size to remain longer than it takes for you to recognize and remove. Lastly, keep your auto waxed, wax adds a protective layer to the paint. Wax will not completely prevent etching if bird poop is left on the auto's paint, but it will make etching more difficult.

What should I do if bird poop has damaged my car?

If bird poop etches your paint, the damaged panel will need to be paint corrected (compounded or polished) to fix. Paint correction is when a very thin layer (measured in microns) of the auto's clear coat paint is removed until the damage is removed and the paint is even.

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