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A Weekly Car Wash Is Still A Good Idea.

Even during these times when you may be using your auto less, keeping it clean is never a bad idea.

With so much going on during this unprecedented time, and many people are practicing "social distancing" and ovserving the "Stay At Home" orders issued by their government officials, you should still be taking care and maintaining your auto.

Proper maintenance of your auto, which is most simply done by keeping your car washed, has many benefits. If you, ever needed to sell your auto during the current climate and its foresseable future, keeping your car's paint in good shape ensures you get the best sale offer.

Also, keeping your auto washed, keeps your interior clean and free of germs, safely ready for your next drive.

Not washing your car often has many subtle negative effects, that you may not be aware of, and can end up costing you in the long term. A lot of car's blemishes and paint defects happen when their auto is dirty, from paint etching to minor scratches (spider web effect) over your auto. Keeping your car washed weekly eliminates these contanminants and dirts that will create these damaging effects on your auto.

Don't be fooled, just because you may not be using your auto as often as before doesn't mean that your auto isn't being exposed to the elements, rather parked in or out of covered parking areas or driving, your car deserves respect and should be kept up at least weekly, even when being used less frequently.

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