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Policy Updates


Notice of Amendment(s) to the Shyne Members Plan Agreement(s)

Issued: December 27, 2021


This Message

This page details updates to the Shyne Plan members (“Members”) of changes to the Shyne Members Plan.



Upcoming Changes

We’re making changes to certain agreements (listed below) that govern your relationship with Shyne. These changes will take place automatically on the corresponding effective date(s) shown below.



Actions Needed

Please carefully review the notices below and familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes. Otherwise, no further action is needed from you to accept such changes. However, if you prefer to decline them, you will need to close your Shyne account before the applicable effective date, as described in the member agreement.



Amendments to the Shyne Member Plan Agreement

Effective January 1, 2022, we are:

  • Revising our Shyne Plan Members service agreement. 

  • No longer refunding missed or canceled services initiated by the Member. 

  • Now charging for the 5th wash in a regular month. 

  • Adjusting invoice to reflect any changes.



Missed or Cancelled Services Initiated by the Member 

If the missed service is due to the Member not allowing Shyne access to the auto(s), for whatever reason, the Member has two (2) options: 


One (1) to forfeit the service(s) and stay to the agreed discounted pricing of the plan.  


Two (2) request a refund for the missed service(s). Shyne will charge all services for that month at the regular non-plan pricing.


Missed or Cancelled Services Initiated by the Shyne 

Shyne will continue to refund any services that are missed due to the inability of Shyne to service the Member’s auto(s) due to weather, personal days, or holidays. 


If Shyne does not service an auto(s) due to reasons initiated by Shyne, the service(s) will be refunded. The refund rate will be the total price of the plan divided by four (4). This rate will be applied to the amount of service(s) missed. The amount will be reflected as a credit on the next invoice.


Charging for 5th Wash

At least four times per year, there are five weeks on a particular day in a month. Shyne will no longer provide service(s) on the 5th wash (5th week) without charge. On the 5th wash (5th week) Shyne will service the auto, unless specifically canceled by the Member and the Member will be charged for the additional wash, for that week. The charge(s) will be added to the next invoice. The service rate will reflect the plan pricing. The rate will be the total price of the plan divided by 4. That rate will be applied to the 5th wash.


If there is a missed service but five weeks in that month, the missed service will be conducted on the 5th week without notice or penalty. 


Adjusting Invoices

If the need arises to adjust invoice(s) due to service changes by either party, all adjustments will be reflected in the next billing cycle. 


All credits and non-plan pricing adjustments will be applied automatically. 

Credit Note 

If Shyne cannot service your auto due to reasons initiated by Shyne, we will issue a credit via a credit note and apply it to the next invoice. The credited rate is calculated by the price of the plan divided by four (4). 


Regular Non-Plan Pricing Adjustments
If the Member cancels service and chooses not to forfeit, all rendered or remaining services for that month will be adjusted to the regular non-plan pricing. The “Regular Non-Plan Pricing” is the regular price for service at that location. The balance will be added, if necessary to the next billing cycle. 

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