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White Mercedes G-Wagon parked in front of a home that Shyne Washed.

is your 

Are you still wasting time going to the car wash? Maybe cutting corners by washing your own car? Stop and let Shyne keep your car clean for you.

We come to you and make sure your car is Shyning every week. No more worrying about driving a dirty car, nor how or when your car will be washed aka Shyned. We want to see you Shyne, The Easy Way.  


Building Residents

Off-Site Service


If we provide service to your building, click here to book service. 

Want regular home or office car wash service, click here. 

Looking for a detail, full or mini detail to total paint correction, lease turn-ins, click here.


Apparel and Merchandise

Support Shyne through our apparel and merchandise.



Shyne is a Los Angeles-based car wash company providing car wash services ranging from monthly subscription service to complete detailing. Starting in 2017, we have over 15 years of experience in the space. We have handled all accounts from high-end celebrities and professional sports athletes to condo locations and fleet services. 

We pride ourselves on making sure that you no longer have to think or worry about when or how you will get your car washed, again. 




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